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Power Distribution Installed on South Road

We now have power available for 13 Lots.

Ten of those lots are still "For Sale".  

BEL brings in 700 volt on the upper high voltage lines.

Then down through the transformer producing 120/240 volt power. 

This shot was during May 2014 dry season,,, still nice and green.   

Our yard

Six months after initial clearing,,, a major burn 

and second  pass with excavator rake to clean up roots and smaller logs.

Notice the small Cohune Palm to the right,,, very protected. We were selective as possible, keeping as many big trees as possible around the foot print of a house.

Power Service Entrance


BEL specifies a concrete service entrance post. We poured one in three stages, base, bottom half, top half.

Ratchet straps,,, right up there with the inclined plane and invention of the wheel, fantastic.

Form work braced straight and plumb with bush stick.
Four man bucket brigade to pour hand mixed concrete.

My buddy Rob,,,, 
shade at the end 
of a hot busy day.
C/W 200 ft of 3"power and 
1 1/2" duct in trench. 

We used board wood cut with a chain saw from logs on our property by "Eric the board wood cutter".
The chain saw wood stamped a really unique surface to the concrete.

Our on site brochure with Belize phone contact
Or give me a call, Dave Brown 403 650-7451, for any questions regarding Cohune Acres.