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Pictures of Cohune Acres

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Power Distribution For the South Road Next

Last year we installed 120/240 volt power distribution to the lots on the middle road.
The two fastest growing coconuts just happen to be under the power lines.
Unfortunately they need to go once they grow up into the power lines.
 Can't remember where  those starter nuts came from but wow this variety is fast growing.
 I have collected and planted coconuts from all over Belize. 

In front of the power poles we put out 100 miniature royal palms. They will grow to full maturity and never get into the wires. They look nice, to boot.
Angelo in the distance.
This year we have paid for the installation of power distribution on the south road.
The next time I see this (April 2014) there will be power distribution along the fence line.
This power distribution will supply lots #14 to #18 with 120/240 volt power.
Then in the following wet season we'll have a 100 miniature palms to set in front.
They obscure the power poles and provide a nice clean green look in the fore front.
Here is a pic of a miniature palm emerging with the first shoot.
Here's a hundred or more mini palms
And yet a couple hundred more... if you got them plant them!