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Moving Foreword

Very exciting times around Cohune Acres. Chef Rob and Corrie from Hopkins bought a little slice of jungle paradise. Seems they are looking to grow some supplies for the food chain or hobby farm, they are not decided. With the rich soil we have there, they have made a good choice. When you see the skinny red car turning into Cohune Acres you'll know they are around.
 Sure would like to order more SOLD signs ... make me an offer lets see what happens!
Here are some pics from an outing April 2012. My Maya buddies have a farm up in the hills just south of Mama Noots Eco Lodge, Zip Line and Water Fall Repelling. I like to help them take a heavy load down when the weather has cooperated enough for the treacherous road to dry up.
Monico packing plantains on his 58th birthday. Very heavy load. 
 Angelo laughing at his father packing too much.
Majestic Cohune Palm below
 Majestic Cohune above
The edge of their farm still a long hike to the Jeep.
Starting the load... by the time we were finished it was a slow trip down into Silk Grass.
Didnt' want to bust a spring or  a shock. Not even room for a passenger, just plantains.
My friends in Silk Grass, Juan and family minus daughter Marisela. I think she was at cadets or school.

Angelo's kids.
Golden hour lighting at the roadside BBQ Silk Grass.
That's it for today.