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One Improvement After Another

Power poles and distribution are installed on the center road.
I'm a little disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures of this large expense. BEL did a nice job and caused no damage to the road with their heavy trucks. In fact they proved the road good and packed it tighter.

Check out the Power Poles in the background

Let's compare some before and after pictures.
Culverts and drainage are working great.

The newly installed additional culvert six months ago. Landscaping required.

The additional (far) culvert as it looks now Dec 2012. 
We have had lots of rain lately. Water trickles out of the bush for a few days after the rain stops.

South Road, six months ago, stripped by the grader, and re compacted.

Dec 2012 Looking Good. Thanks again to DEC and Son's out of Dangriga.
South road just after being cut with a lawn mower. Looks soft but it's hard as steel.
This is the toughest Cohune in the valley. It survived a roaring fire then a grader sheared it clean off the face of the planet and a compactor pounded the crap out of it. It is now protected!

 My buddy Glen, getting water for the new plants. Culvert wata yum yum ! !

Bought plants - split the doubles and chop the big ones into little ones
I have learned to compliment first and then ask for plant cuttings. Most strangers will go out of their way to provide samples. Just stick it in good soil and watch it grow. Here is my planting nursery. I am looking forward to providing cuttings as well some day.

Besides sharing my adventure ... just a reminder
 You can own a piece of this tropical paradise.
That's it for now I need to sort through the parrot and orchid pic's.

For anyone interested I will arrange a guided walk about.
Call me in Canada at 403 - 650 - 7451
Or feel free to check it out on your own.
Our grounds man is usually there.
Thank you, Dave Brown