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Time for a few more pictures. Don't forget to click on the pic for the big picture.
Just installed culvert under south road, back filling and trim the ditch in.

End of the south road, loaded with Cohunes. 

Approach culverts going in.

Retreat style acreages, sub tropical jungle, peaceful, natural, private, home sites.

Get back to nature or….  away from it all.
The majestic Cohune Palm of Central America


The jungle cover consists of pine, cohune palm, sour craboo, mahogany and yemery trees, the latter a hardwood used for construction and furniture. Secondary growth is largely wamil. Approximately seven acres on the north side was cleared and farmed several years ago. Crops included citrus, pine apple, cashew (picture below), peanuts and cassava. The soil throughout the property is organic silt / sand mix, a landscaper or hobby farmer’s dream.
The terrain is low rolling slopes providing excellent drainage for storm-water runoff.
Along the east a small creek runs north-south during the rainy season.
Silk Grass Creek also comes within 125 feet of the south east corner.
Statistically, the annual rain fall is 96 inches.
Great for rain water collection often called “Sky Juice”.

“Cohune Acres” is located at mile 5 on the Southern Highway, Belize.
Four miles from the coast “as the parrot flies”, and about 65 feet above sea level.
Directly off the Southern Hwy, less than a one minute drive on well packed gravel roads.

Lots range from 1.7 to 2.5 acres in size
Prices are US dollar and do not include GST. Prices will be adjusted for electric distribution costs currently being negotiated with BEL.
Heading north five miles from Cohune Acres, is the Humming Bird Highway then another five miles to Dangriga. With a population of 10,000 it is the capital of Stann Creek District. You will find most services from government, banking, and construction supplies to small engine repair and limited medical services. Dangriga’s local airport has frequent daily  flights to Belize City international hub.
Heading south about ten miles is Hopkins. Still a fishing village, and now geared for excursion tourism, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving. Hopkins has a wide variety of accommodation and dining from backpackers to five-star and everything in between. Hopkins and Dangriga are both very enriched with a deep regard for Garifuna and Creole cultural recognition.
Stann Creek District is home to Belize’s citrus industry, banana plantations and a variety of traditional tree and row farming. It is home to the Cockscomb Wildlife Sanctuary, the western hemisphere’s only jaguar reserve. Also, Bocawaina-Mayflower Camp National Park and a number of ecotourism attractions including waterfalls, caves and freshwater swimming sites.
Cohune Acres is approximately 55 miles from Belmopan City, Belize’s capital, and 105 miles from Belize City. By car you can comfortably drive from Cohune Acres to the international airport in 2.5 hours.
Electrical power is being negotiated with Belize Electric Limited, during the early stages of property sales. High voltage supply conveniently runs along “Cohunes Acre’s” alignment on the Southern Highway.
We are maintaining clear cut lines between property pegs so each property can be walked about its entire perimeter. Feel free to go walking the trails.

 For further information please contact;
Dave Brown, in Canada                     Debbie Jones, in Belize
Telephone                                                            Telephone
403 – 650 – 7451                                  501 – 661 - 9240
Email                                                                      Email                            

Purchasing Land inBelize           December, 2011
Firstly, Belize is a Commonwealth Country. English is the official language. Belize land laws are straight forward and similar to Canada’s. Foreigners are allowed to purchase land with no additional rules than a Belizean Citizen.  There is a Land Titles Unit that is steadily improving the system in place to register ownership.
First step for a prospective buyer is a title search to ensure the seller in fact owns the property in question. This can be done at the local land Lands Office.
Land Deeds for all land transfers are processed by the Land and Surveys Department, Land Titles Unit. For private land sale the processing fee is 5% of the purchase price and called “Stamp Duty”. For developed land GST applies at the rate of 12.5%.
It would be safest to hire a Belizean lawyer to handle the Title Search, Deed of Conveyance and Registration of documents. The relatively small up front fee would provide a great deal of comfort while the documentation of land transfer takes place.
Property Taxes in Belize
The Government could always change the land tax system, but there is no indication of that in the offing.  The current schedule does not change with improvements or buildings.  The tax is based on an unimproved value per acre formula that increases with the sizes of the parcel and varies somewhat from geographical district to district. For 1.5 to 2.5 acre lots, taxes will be approximately $100.00 BZ per year, roughly $50.00 CAD.
Building in Belize
In the past few years Belize has tightened up their building codes. Government has embodied the Central Building Authority, CBA to set guidelines determining what structures require a Technician, or an Architect, or an Engineer. The CBA also handles building permits and inspections.
Just so we all understand - these guidelines would not be enforced for a Belizean family building a one or two room stick built pallapa house with little plumbing or no running water or electricity. Don’t feel like they are getting a special break. There are no breaks for their life style.
Cost guidelines for home construction in Belize can range from $50 up to $150 CAD per square foot - depending on finishes but moreover planning and design. This comes full circle back to a good Technician, Architect, or Engineer working for with you and providing value design and coordination.
Selling Land in Belize
There are currently no capital gains taxes on land or buildings and no reason to believe this would change in the foreseeable future. This has been status quo for several government party changes.
Remember the stamp duty fee, 5% of the purchase price - that is as close to capital gains tax as it gets. Typically this cost is paid by the purchaser.